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The Ewing Gallery of the University of Tennessee published a catalog in conjunction with the exhibition of Walter Haskell Hinton's illustrations mounted December 3, 2010.

UPDATE May 9, 2011: Please contact the Ewing Gallery if you would like to get a copy of Walter Haskell Hinton: Illustrator of the Popular American West. All orders placed before April 2011 should have been shipped by now. If you have not received yours, call the Ewing Gallery at:

University of Tennessee at Knoxville
1715 Volunteer Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37996
865-974-3199 or

What does it look like?
The catalog is 87 pages and contains 72 images and a critical biography of 28,000 words written by Jaleen Grove, an art historian with a specialization in the history of illustration. It is soft cover, 8.5x11", and printed by the best laser printer, which rivals offset print quality but without the risks of committing to a large print run. Donations made by generous individuals have allowed us to print in full color! With donors' assistance, we were able to give some to libraries.

There were very few copies made, just enough for those who ordered one. A few may still remain; more will probably only be made if enough orders come in, which at this point is unlikely.

Thank you to the generous individuals who made the catalog possible, to all the people who consented to be interviewed and loan their artwork, and to Deere & Company for allowing us to reproduce their images!






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